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About us

Behind the Energy Cost Calculator is Ea Energy Analyses.

Ea Energy Analyses is a consulting firm specialized in energy and climate change.

Ea's scope of work comprises analyses of energy systems from a technical, economic, and environmental approach as well as analyses of energy- and climate policy measures. 

We use complex mathmatical models for simulation of electricity and heat systems in a

liberalized market, along with scenario techniques to estimate long-term possibilities of developing sustainable energy systems.

Our analyses involve both new production technologies, as well as savings and adaptation of the energy consumption to a more intelligent energy system.

Ea Energy Analyses operates in Denmark, the Nordic region and abroad with project activities in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa.

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Lars - Energy analyst

Lars has a MSc in Engineering and Applied Mathematics and a MBA in Business Administration for the Global Energy Industry. He is mostly working in areas of modelling of energy systems, economic equilibrium modelling, and mathematical programming. Lars is a partner at Ea Energy Analyses and is currently posted in China.

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Anders - Energy analyst

Anders has a MSc in Energy and Environmental Planning. He specializes in: analyses of energy systems, environmental costs and CO2 reduction regulation, long-term energy and climate scenarios, and development and application of energy system models. Anders is a partner at Ea Energy Analyses.

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David - Developer

Dávid has a MSc in Computer Science with a specialization in Business analytics from the IT University of Copenhagen. David has been working at Ea Energy Analyses as a software developer since 2013.

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